体彩官方网站下载Founder of GREEN Facilities, Mr. Gainey has worked ten years in the lighting industry from entry level to management.  Beginning as a helper to lighting installers, Mr. Gainey after only 3 months moved to the position of installer were he trained and learned the industry from the bottom.  Eight months later, Mr. Gainey then took on the role of crew foreman and managed crews of 4 to 6 men over the next 6 years.  Seeking further growth Mr. Gainey took on the responsibility of project management and for the last 2 years managed the lighting division of his previous firm.

体彩官方网站下载Mr. Gainey has experience operative various lifts and other construction equipment.  He has audited many projects, designed energy upgrades, and coordinated projects with other contractors by selling and bidding proposals.

体彩官方网站下载Mr. Gainey’s responsibilities at GREEN Facilities will be daily management of the company, seeking and running new projects, and interfacing with investors, customers and suppliers. 

体彩官方网站下载Established as a new business in July 2004, GREEN Facilities, LLC is a minority owned and locally operated business out of  Metro Atlanta, GA.  Ownership of this company brings experience that include:

  • 11 years of electrical wiring, controls, and managing of lighting systems for commercial, industrial, and government properties.

  • 体彩官方网站下载Qualified in the design and installation of turn-key projects but also partner with other firms by subcontracting to provide labor in already designed projects. 

  • 30 years experience in building access and HVAC controls.

  • Formerly a partner with IEC Systems Inc., which operates out of Atlanta and Washington DC.



Fredrick Gainey


“We have to be right the first time, we don’t get 2nd chances”  -Fredrick Gainey

“We have to be right the first time, we don’t get 2nd chances”

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