体彩官方网站下载GREEN Facilities, LLC is an energy service consultant and contractor.  Our specialization is in building efficiency through utility reduction. We partner and employ electrical contractors who implement our designs or customer’s designs to update lighting, lighting controls, building access, and/or HVAC controls.  Audit services are offered to ascertain a facility’s energy consumption and make recommendations to bring outdated equipment up to today’s GREEN energy standards. 



Our business development process and leverage tools that will allow management the appropriate visibility to track and prosecute all of its targets, as well as provide the appropriate financial data to support financial projections for internal and external reporting. In addition, Green Facilities seeks to establish a business development process; managing and tracking its business development targets; and creating financial projections. In addition, Green Facilities desires to develop its corporate infrastructure to support the implementation of appropriate processes and procedures for the management of its projects, clients and end-users.

Great Quality

体彩官方网站下载There are many small competitors in this space which is why we want to differentiate ourselves through advanced solutions and flawless delivery. This is very good for our business because we get in and out rapidly before other efficiency measures begin, thus reducing coordination and confusion on the project site. We leverage our material manufacturers to stay on top of the latest technologies. We then field test those products before using them with our customers. We want to know what works and what does not before we perform an installation for a customer. Our service offering is the proper retrofitting of inefficient lighting with more efficient and longer lasting lighting. We perform the retrofit scope of work to ensure a smooth replacement process that provides appropriate lighting levels to the customer while reducing their energy usage.


Green = Savings

体彩官方网站下载We enjoy saving energy and protecting our planet for future generations. Our target customers are state and local government agencies as well as federal agencies trying to reduce energy used for lighting. We will continue to expand in this market while also looking at more direct commercial markets such as hospitality and commercial office space. Green Facilities’ growth plan includes expanding its services vertically and horizontally, as well as expanding the size and quantities of its subcontracts in the Energy Savings market. We would like to develop a complete understanding of the life cycle of an energy savings performance contract (“ESPC”). Green Facilities has acquired in-depth education about energy saving auditing, the technology selection processes and the associated as-built documentation, processes and procedures for lighting efficiency management services, as well as the associated safety protocols. Our service are in the first portion of an energy efficiency project because lighting retrofits payback so rapidly that customers tend to implement lighting before other savings options.